Sunday, May 31, 2009

Movie Review: Star Trek

I was introduced to Star Trek in the late 70’s when of local television station would show the re-runs after school. I had already grown to love Science Fiction with Star Wars. Star Trek was a completely different animal that Star Wars but I developed quite a fond appreciation for the series.

I began my movie watching with The Wrath of Khan and I was hooked from that time on. I am glad that I missed Star Trek the Motion Picture until much later or I might have given up on this series after the first movie. I still can not stay awake during that borefest.

About this Movie:

Star Trek is a rebooting of the whole franchise as only J.J. Abrams could deliver. There are new actors playing these beloved characters. A frequent Trek plot devise of time travel changes the entire Star Trek universe and the life of our beloved James Kirk. This allows Abrams to make changes to the characters and their history without causing massive rioting with Trek fanatics. This fun reboot causes the Trek universe to be much darker and grittier than the original series portrayed.

What I liked about this Movie:

I loved the concept of changing the universe from its roots with this movie and time travel. It was a smart use of an already accepted practice in the Trek –verse (see Voyage Home and First Contact). This worked for the plot and for most of the fans.

Spock, Bones, and Scotty came to life on the screen. Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) not only looked like a younger Spock but had his mannerisms and delivery down. I was amazed at his ability to make me think he was a younger Nimoy without thinking of Sylar. He portrayed the internal struggles of Spock between his Vulcan and human sides.

Karl Urban did a great job of becoming Doctor Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy. He brought the dry wit and fiery personality that DeForest Kelley made famous. He was the emotionally driven doctor that balances out the logic induced intellect of Spock.

I simply loved Scotty in this movie. Simon Pegg gets to be Montgomery “Scotty” Scott before he becomes the genius engineer of the Enterprise. When we first meet Scotty, he is in exile because his theories are not accepted by Star Fleet but he takes over engineering before the end of the movie.

The plot of a Star Trek movie is never it’s strong suit but some Trek movies have better plots than others. This movie fits in that category. It was well written but still contains several plot holes. But it is nothing that can not be overlooked.

This was a stunningly beautiful movie. The scenery is great while on Earth and in outerspace. The special effects were top notch. This movie had all the visual appeal that you would expect from a summer popcorn movie and more.

What I did not Like:

There were only two minor things that I did not like about this movie. There were times that I did not believe that Chris Pine was Kirk. I know that his character changed more that any other but at times I saw the actor and not the character.

Anton Yelchin laid the Russian accent on a bit thick for Chekov.

My Review:
I loved this movie. This was the best Star Trek since Wrath of Kahn. J.J. Abrams hit this out of the park and he is not a Trek fan.

My Grade: A

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The Rush Blog said...

I gave it a B. I was not that impressed by the idea of rebooting one of the old shows with an alternate timeline. This only tells me that the TREK franchise are either too lazy or lack the imagination to create a new saga or story set in the post-DS9/VOYAGER years.